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September 12, 2013 – Today is the 12th anniversary of the attacks on PENTAGON ATTACK (FOR RELEASE)America by Islamist militants.  Twelve years ago I stood just blocks from the White House and witnessed the attack on the Pentagon.  I thought I would die on that day; it was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced, one I will never forget.


Some say that this is history, over, a bad day that we should overcome.  I disagree.  I have seen Americans slip back into an ignorant bliss of daily life, forgetting the tragedies that happened and could still happen.  We ARE NOT safer now than before the attack.  We are merely more alert on some levels, but not all.

Unlike the Israelis, we are not a prepared people for attack – this for several reasons:

  • While we are under constant attack, it is not witnessed on a daily basis by our populace.
  • Our government does not want us to focus on the possibilities of attack and continues to ply us with ridiculous procedures that do nothing.
  • Because our country is so large, as a people we do not “feel” the pain of loss as acutely as a smaller area.  This is why New York City and Washington, D.C. react to the memory of September 11, 2001 differently than the rest of America.
  • Americans have become a pampered bunch; we no longer realize, moreover appreciate, the sacrifices that must be made in order to live in a country that is free from a tyrannical government.
  • We have become a fickle society that concerns itself with trivial details, entertainment and sports, rather than excellence, pride and self-sufficiency.

When the reels of past images roll on television stations across our land Pennsylvaniatoday, do not sigh with boredom.  Do not change the channel searching for something more entertaining.  Stop and take a moment, just a moment to consider that an attack like that of September 11, 2001 WILL happen again, it is merely a matter of time.  The only variable is us – how will we react?  What will we have learned? What will we teach our children in order to help them protect themselves?

Americans must remember this horrific day so that we can stay vigilant against threats to our nation, our people and our way of life.

May God lead us; may God help us; may God bless America.




Gun Owners of America, a pro-gun lobby group, have put together a petition to urge Congress to Read The Constitution before they begin a new session.  Below is the press release from GOA:

 Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Place
Springfield, VA 22151
(703) 321-8585;

December 3, 2010

 Gun Owners of America has embarked on a petition  drive to get the Congress to read the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights out loud in the House and Senate following the January swearing-in ceremonies.

“The people have spoken loud and clear in the elections of 2010 that the Constitution is relevant in the 21st Century,” said John Velleco, GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs. “But this document, which each and every member of the Congress swears an oath to uphold and defend, is largely ignored by the politicians after they’re elected.

“Before Congress wastes countless hours naming post offices and congratulating the winner of the World Series—not to mention all of the unconstitutional bills that chip away at the peoples’ liberty—it should take about an hour to read the most important document of the founding era.

“Of course, it will not guarantee that they’ll follow the Constitution, but it should at least be read in both the House and Senate so that the politicians could be reminded of the real contract with America.”

GOA is urging hundreds of thousands of Americans to sign the petition, which also asks that the Congress read Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution—which outlines the powers specifically delegated to the Congress—monthly during the 112th Congress.

The petition Gun Owners of America is circulating can be found at

*Note that Gun Owners of America is a grassroots lobbying organization with over 300,000 members nationwide.


Last night’s vote in the Senate certainly proves that neither political party has the guts to do the right thing, moreover the fortitude to publicly acknowledge a painful reality.  

A bill being debated for the past week in the Senate appears, at first glance, to be a charitable act in a time of economic crisis for so many unemployed Americans and concocts a facade of “lowering the deficit.”   However, the bill does not include provisions that would off-set the $10 Billion price tag.   

The irony in this situation is no less than Shakespearean.  After vowing to the American people during his first State of the Union address that out-of-control spending would stop, President Obama last week signed into law an act that calls for future legislation to show how a said bill would be funded.  However, this week, Obama and his Dynamic Democratic Duo of Pelosi and Reid reversed his promise (a shocker to most of you I know) and is prepared to sign into law this “$10 Billion extension bill” which has NO provisions for funding.  NONE, NADA, ZILCH, ZIP.  [Can you hear the Chinese laughing?]  


A Class Act……NOT

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It seems that alienation is Obama’s middle name.  Well, right after the monikers of unsophisticated, rude, egotistical, embarrassing, unpatriotic and apologetic – but who’s counting. 

For his first state dinner, the President is hosting India’s President Singh with a large soiree at the White House tonight.  However, it doesn’t appear to be a true American event…only a Democratic and payback-to-donors event.  (more…)

US House of Representatives


US House of Representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed, by a narrow margin of 7 votes, the largest regulatory and taxation bill in the history of the United States. 

Thanks to the new arm of our socialist-styled government, the mass media (ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, LAT, WP, etc.), this bill has been purposely kept low-key and out-of-the-light from the American people for months.  First, the bill was given the benign, good feeling name of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2454).    It has also been referred to as the Cap and Trade bill, the Waxman-Markey bill, and the Climate Control bill(more…)