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It’s funny to look back in time and determine where people stood on issues 20, 50 or 200 years ago and then compare the modern day stances on the same issues.  Societal changes, shifting demographics and changes in technology and the ramifications of these changes rippling through society as a whole, sometimes leave me surprised and confused.

Let’s talk about the latest battleground forming in our nation today; The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Until just a few short years ago, guns in society were rarely considered.  It was just assumed that most people had guns and knew how to use them.  I grew up with guns in our home.  It was no big deal.  My father taught my brother and me how to properly use a gun, care for it, and ABOVE ALL, respect it.  I personally took a 12 gauge shotgun to school for use in a school play and actually shot it (with the metal shot removed from the shells of course) during the play!  Guess what?  No one was surprised and no one even checked my shells to verify they were empty.  In that era, even adults placed faith in 17 year olds that they were being responsible with weapons.

Until 40 or 50 years ago, guns were a primary means in putting food on tables in a majority of homes in America.  Guns were tools that were used responsibly, for the most part.  Once again, they were no big deal.

Now, it seems, guns ARE a big deal.  Why?  Because some crackpot idiot decided to STEAL guns and massacre 20 children and 8 adults in the most recent act of craziness.  It’s not JUST Newtown, CT.  Its Columbine, Jonesboro, Aurora, etc., as well as Tyrifjorden Buskerud, Norway, Baku, Azerbaijan and Dunblane, Scotland.  If you think crazy is limited to America, then you are nuts as well.

You might think that this is the reason that gun control is all you hear about on the news these days.  Well, it’s not.  I have news for you.  These “crazies” would have killed people with a knife, ball bat or a damn rock if that is what they could get their hand on.  The reason that our Federal Government is so up in arms over guns is simple….control…

I hear people say that we need to ban “military STYLE assault rifles”. Why?  Because they LOOK like an automatic weapon.  Guess what?  They are NOT automatic weapons.  Honestly, you can do as much damage with your Dad’s 30.06 deer rifle as you can with a Bushmaster XM 15 rifle.  It might take you an extra 3-4 seconds to change out the clips since they hold only 5 rounds, but I can carry 20 to 30 full clips with no problem whatsoever.  All this talk about limiting clips to 10 rounds or less is no more than political scare tactics.

It’s about time that our elected officials start talking about the REAL meaning of the 2nd Amendment and quit all the beating around the bush.  They act like stating a fact is treason.  The simple truth is that the 2nd Amendment authorizes We The People to protect ourselves and our country from a tyrannical government…end of story.  It does not mention or even allude to hunting or self-defense from other citizens.  You see, our Founding Fathers were not worried about hunting….that was a daily chore.  They were not worried about self-defense from other citizens…they all had guns and most of them were responsible and trustworthy citizens.  Our Founding Fathers were fighting a war of independence from a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT!  The BRITISH!  GET IT PEOPLE??????  These men, in their infinite wisdom, saw fit to delineate a physical object (the ONLY physical object listed in our Bill of Rights) as the ONE tangible object REQUIRED to overthrow a tyrannical government!  ARMS……

Now, if you consider the 2nd Amendment in this light, what makes you think that our Founding Fathers would even consider allowing the People to be armed with weapons that do military style weapon cartoonnot even come close to matching the weaponry that the government possesses?  They would not.  That would be like saying, “Well, the British have flintlock rifles, so we need to fight our battles against them with the bow and arrow”!  Now, exactly how much sense does that make?  None whatsoever!  That would be a totally stupid statement to make, and even an idiot should realize it.

Our Federal Government has NO right under the Constitution to limit the people’s access to weapons and has even less of a mandate to know WHO possess these arms!

It is impossible to overthrow a tyrannical government with sub-standard weapons.  It is also foolish of the People to inform the same government as to who owns weapons that could be used in overthrowing it.

Does this now make sense to everyone?

Alas, probably not…  I understand that Progressives will, for some reason, disagree with even the simplest of arguments.  Just as they cannot usually see that lower tax rates generate MORE taxes in the long run, they will refuse to see that our Founders foresaw that, at some point, the People MAY have to resort to putting its own Federal government back in line.

If, for any reason, you don’t believe the obvious, PLEASE consult an expert.  I can tell you who the experts are that can give you first-hand information regarding banning guns and documented gun ownership…

Gun Control 1

Ask a Russian…ask a Chinese…ask a North Korean…maybe a German!

In the grand scheme, it should not be a question of WHAT kind of arms I can own.  The answer should be anything I can afford.

I’m finished now….  I have to get back to work to make the next payment on my Tomahawk Missile.

Chatter Now Decoded.




My cousin asked the question, “Why do people say that voting Democratic is unChristian.” The following is my answer:

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here is the real truth of our current situation. Both parties have allowed their extreme elements to take control of the party platforms and they have redefined each. We, lay people, have sat back and allowed this to happen. We had

no specific issue that we wanted moved forward, for instance gay marriage, so we ignore politics until it affects us.

In regard to the current Democratic party, it is NOT the party of our grandparents. This is NOT the Democratic party YOU KNEW. This new Democratic party has a national platform which was adopted at the DNC convention that took out “God” and inserted “progressive” (i.e. socialistic) theory. Don’t just believe me, read it for yourself. I think you will be surprised to find the extent of socialist agenda. Unless we actually look into these things ourselves, we will not know what is there – we cannot allow the media to vet this for us as they are biased. Again, look at the character of the people who are in the Obama Administration and the DNC. All of them have ties to communism, socialism, etc. They don’t hide it!

What the Obama Administration has done to the Catholic church in particular has been terrible. They have put in place regulations and rules which NOW will prohibit Catholic charities to practice their faith in their (non-government funded) hospitals, missions, schools, etc. The Church is faced with performing abortions and funding other government-required aspects of Obamacare or close their doors. That leaves a giant opening for a government entity with no reference to God to come in and take over. It will only be soon that this expands to other Christian based churches and facilities. Don’t be fooled, this is a war on Christianity.

We can no longer sit back and think we have no business in our governance. It is our sacred duty to secure this country from the, excuse the phrase – idiots, who simply do not understand the repercussions of certain actions. What is frightening to me is that our country is seeing a paradigm shift in its demographic where more people are uneducated or undereducated in basic ideals. They have grown up expecting everything to be easy, given to them, they seem to think they “deserve” things. This new generation of voters seem to think the idealized socialism is the answer – welcome to the folly of every college student. Reality comes around and slaps you in the face when you realize that – just because we are all created equal, that means equal in the eyes of God, not equal in our skills, talents, even our physical capabilities. That line also does not mean that life is fair, contrary life is never fair. It is our ability to deal with the chaos and trials that make us who we are as individuals, then as a country.

In regard to the Republicans, they have had such poor leadership that they have no definition. Their hard-line right wing tactics have as of lately given way to a mushy middle-of-the-road that no one is happy with. It is those folks who fall between the parties that are the real core of America – the Libertarians – they are defined by the following: pro-military, pro-health INSURANCE REFORM (not health CARE reform) – this must include tort reform which trial lawyers fight against; they are primarily Judeo-Christian, they believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, however, they can bend to allow civil unions for gay couples; they want the government OUT OF OUR BEDROOMS, LIVING ROOMS AND KITCHENS; they believe in freedom OF religion NOT FROM religion; they believe in helping themselves, yet also helping their neighbors who are in trouble; they would not choose an abortion for themselves, however they believe that the government has NO RIGHT to tell a woman what she can and cannot do in this regard – most of the folks I’ve interviewed say they think it is between a woman, her clergy, her family, her doctor. They believe that “the pursuit of happiness” should not be limited. As adults they believe that marijuana should be legalized, possibly everything else, in order to put RESPONSIBILITY ONTO THE INDIVIDUAL FOR HIS/HER ACTIONS. If we must legislate the behaviour modifications of our citizens, we are NOT GROWING strong citizens who can learn to make good choices.

I realize this sounds very terse, however, as the bible says, the poor will always be with us and it is our duty to help them to help themselves. However, I take that to be a metaphor for others, too: i.e. idiots. In the natural world, survival of the fittest takes care of the quality of its inhabitants.

So, after my long epistle…in today’s political landscape a vote for Democrats is, unfortunately, a vote for a non-Christian agenda. Once elected, even a stand up guy is forced to play ball with the powers that be in order to be effective for his state in any way. In essence, they must ALL make a deal with the devil or they get NO funds, contracts, industry, etc. for their states. Politics is dirty, unfair, Machiavellian…it is survival of the fittest

Those of you who know me, know that I used to be a Democrat – that was when the Democratic Party was a party that cared about helping people and small businesses to earn and grow on their own merits, through their own hard work.  That party is no longer alive.

The party callingImage themselves Democrat has been taken over by the Progressive movement (take a minute to look up the Progressives which began with Woodrow Wilson whose vision of a one world government gave birth to he United Nations and check out this article.)

True Democrats, have NO party. 

The Republican ImageParty has deteriorated into a scrambled mess with no real leader.  While they raise the banner for conservatism, they put forth Presidential candidates that are not true conservatives:  Bush, McCain, and Romney.

With a few exceptions, the Republicans in Congress have turned into vanilla clones with no backbone, no fire in their belly to fight.   Read this from conservative writer David Horowitz.

True Republican conservatives, have NO party. 

There are extremes to both sides of the fence, but as a whole, the majority of Americans fall into the right-of-center category.  WHERE is that party?  There is none.


We need a complete change in our political structure. The Tea Party has done their best to look at candidates from both parties and support those that assert an opinion that is from a “common sense” point of view.  However, the Tea Party is a movement, not a political party.  They have little power to do much.

Both Democrat and Republican parties control the money, and money controls the power.  At this point, those of us who are conservative or libertarian or old-school Democrats, have only one option…and that is to vote with the party that will do the least harm to the Country.  For 2012 that is Mitt Romney.

While I and others are tempted to vote for someone else, maybe Ron Paul or Donald Trump, that action will only gain a vote for Obama.  IN A NATIONAL ELECTION, ANY WRITE IN VOTES WILL ONLY HELP YOUR OPPOSITION.  Whether or not we like Romney (and I think he is not as aggressive as we need but…), we MUST vote for ROMNEY, else we will have, in fact, allowed a vote for Obama.

God Help Us.

In My Opinion…

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In my opinion, Colin Powell is truly confused.

  • First, it is obvious that he supported Obama simply because of his race, as any seasoned American General – especially a former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – would have detested Obama’s disdain for the military.  I expected better of Powell, I expected him NOT to be racist.
  • Now, we find that Powell is suddenly compelled to be a Republican…again.  Odd?  Further, his statements this weekend supporting the GOP to “broaden” their appeal, prove that he has no understanding of why the GOP lost in the last election.  It was because they were  too broad, so scattered in their messages, that they had no focal message for their base to embrace.  The GOP base voted with the Libertarians, as it seems the only truly conservative option available.
Powell on CBS's "Face the Nation"

Powell on CBS's "Face the Nation"