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Excuse Me?

Posted: January 8, 2013 by G. Byron Barrett in Constitution, Second Amendment
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Well, as usual, I cannot leave well enough alone…I have read the comments regarding my colleague’s post “The Sad, Unspoken Truth” by Dr. DA (this chick IS a PHD, right?  OPS….well, WTF…let’s call her Dr. anyway and let the “DA” stand for itself) and I am astonished, as usual, at the lack of original thought, lack of research and the plethora of bad grammar in her woefully poor attempt to debate with Ms. Watkins.

Shall we dissect just the last comments by Dr. DA?  Okie-Dokie then……  😉Iroquois

“The biggest fear our founding fathers had was against the native Americans (Indians)”.  Huh?

Now Dr. DA, you cannot truly believe that Indians were a greater worry to our fore-fathers than the English.  Can you???  If we follow this reasoning, we would have declared our independence from the Iroquois Confederacy instead of the English Crown.  I cannot remember seeing ANYWHERE where the Indians levied taxes, quartered soldiers or exercised naval blockades against Colonial America.  But the British DID…

She also states,the idea of this “tyrannical government’ is more modern history, the truth is that Britain governed us with a velvet glove, the majority of our taxes were self Declaration of Independenceinflected”.  (Even though you are wrong Doc, don’t you mean self-inflicted? Hello spell-check!) Evidently Dr. DA has failed to READ the Declaration of Independence.  If she did, you might have noticed the section that starts “The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world” and THEN lists not one, but TWENTY-SEVEN SPECIFIC instances (FACTS) of tyranny.

Also, I guess the definition of “velvet glove” would be, in Dr. DA’s opinion, a British occupying force exceeding 75,000 troops including a MINIMUM of 30,000 hired mercenaries.  Nothing says Velvet like a paid German contract killer!  Add to this, 160,000+ British Naval troops pirating American vessels and blockading Colonial ports and I would be forced to disagree with Dr. DA that the British were a kindly bunch of blokes with America’s best interest at heart.

And Doctor…regarding your asinine statement that “the majority of our taxes were self inflected”; if you were familiar with British governance (or cared to research), you would know that Parliament authorized the levying of taxation for any of the colonies of the Crown.

Now, let’s get to the meat of this discussion…the 2nd Amendment. 2ndAmendment

Dr. DA states, ” But the biggest disconnect you have is that our founding fathers ever envisioned the weapons 200+ years in the future. For you or anyone to propose that they ever thought the AK47 would exist and that each citizen should have the right to own one is the real shame, my point back day one was that WAS not the intent of the 2nd Amendment”.  Hogwash!

For once and for all, let me explain to everyone the real intention of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution…  When government becomes tyrannical, WE THE PEOPLE have the RIGHT to use our WEAPONS to abolish the government and start a new one.  I’ll go you one better even…We The People have the RESPONSIBILITY and the CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to do this!!!!!

I have no idea where people came up with the notion that the 2nd Amendment has ANYTHING to do with hunting or self-protection from other citizens.  The 2nd Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with these things.  It ONLY addresses the ability of the governed to fight the government for their rights.

Now Doc, you say that the Founders never envisioned AK47’s…and that may well be true.  However, we had some pretty sharp cookies founding our beloved country.  Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington ALL had damn good imaginations…hell, they IMAGINED a free country called the United States of America didn’t they?  Now, they may not have dreamed of a weapon that could fire 30 shots per second, but I can damn well tell you that they would have one in their gun safe!  What I am saying is that while they may not have imagined the devastating weapons we have created in the last 200+ years, they would DEMAND that We The People had access to the same weapons used by the military.  Think about it for a second without a conservative OR liberal bias…without the same weapons as the military, what chance would We The People have against a government gone awry?  NONE AT ALL!  The Founding Fathers provided We The People with the RIGHT to be as well armed as the military with the 2nd Amendment!

knife_in_handAs a close to her uneducated comments, Dr. DA then wants to get a personal jab against Ms. Watkins.  She states, “As for your suggestion that the professors with PhD’s (which since you declined to answer, can only make me assume you don’t have) are rewriting history to accommodate ones agenda liberal or otherwise … only tells me that perhaps you might be accusing them based on your own agenda. See educators become such to educate, not become well known, I wonder if you can say you have such a pure heart”?  REALLY?

I, in my many years of education, have seen a multitude of professors.  While all of them had PhD’s, not all of them have the sense to open an umbrella when it rains.  Regardless of what you may think, ALL educators do NOT become such to educate.  Some, and probably most, wish to promote their own agenda and opinion as opposed to stating facts to their charges.  Open any high school or college textbook and see how long it takes you to find a mistake or an outright lie.  It will not take long.  I have read many of these and have confronted your so-called “professors” with the facts before.  Some will argue and some will admit the problem, depending, of course, on the veracity of their character and ethics.  History is re-written every day and it is the duty of everyone to call it out and educate our children and young adults with actual facts…. not liberal OR conservative fiction!

I have not seen where Ms. Watkins stated that she was a PhD.  Why should that matter?  Is research LIMITED to the hallowed PhD?  God, I hope not….  because most of them are your standard, garden variety idiots, spouting opinion as fact and taking umbrage to being called out to face the facts and being found wanting.  I’ll take Ms. Watkins research over that of Larry, Curly and Moe (Your 3 professors) any day of the week.

Ms. Watkins’s column has hundreds of comments and thousands of daily readers, so evidently she is doing something right.  I surmise that this something would be honesty, integrity, diligence and patriotism.  What do you have?