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I have not written my column in quite a while.  I can give you tons of reasons, multitudes of excuses, but the truth is that I have felt that there is very little that I can do to open the eyes of the American public to what is happening to our country.  Our political correctness, our liberal approach to raising children, and our laissez-faire attitude towards the moral necessity of the family unit have created an environment which we, ironically, often find unacceptable.  Such is the case of the mass murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Weeping_AngelWhile there are those who are demanding immediate changes in order to “prevent” future mass murders, their solutions of gun bans and mental instability labeling only deride our individual freedoms and do nothing to address the actual problem which is that we have little to no accountability for our own behaviors in our current society.  For several generations now, we have abdicated our responsibility of raising our children to government institutions (schools, therapists, law enforcement).  No longer do we seek the counsel of our priests, clergymen, or family elders.  No longer do we allow our children to pay the consequences of their behavior.  No longer do we teach personal responsibility.  How many times have we seen the “good intentions” of giving every child an award for participation rather than teaching them how to lose?  How many times do we hear the excuse of blaming others or environment for the actions of one?  Contrarily, how few times have we heard the explanation of “life is not fair” or “everyone cannot be a star” or a reprimand of “you knew better”?

Granted my statements are for our society in general and do not apply to each and every family’s situation, but the statistics are overwhelming that show a lack of personal accountability.

Over the next months we will continue to hear varying speculation as to why a 20 year old man killed 27 people in Connecticut.  While there may be merit with many of the possible explanations for this horror; mental instability, medications or lack thereof, unsupervised access to firearms, a family unwilling to acknowledge the mental state of their child, etc., to act on one of these reasons exclusively and ignore the others will do little to affect this type of violence.  It’s the sad, unspoken truth…and that is Why It Matters.