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OK…I give up!  How many more stupid things can be going on in our country at the same freakin’ time?

Here’s a brief list:


1 – Bengahzi – was a LONG time ago per Press Secretary Carney…however, NOT so long for the families of the murdered Americans I would bet.  If you expect the Obama administration to come clean on this or any other subject for that matter, you might as well get in the “Ice Water” line in HELL…..

Dont tread on my gun rights

2 – Gun Control Bill – Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is DYING to get SOMETHING passed regarding gun control.  Hopefully he will just die off… But that’s one thing about our elected officials…  They NEVER give up on trying to destroy your Constitutional Rights!  If only they were so adamant about protecting the tenets that built our country…  Dream on I guess….

illegal immigration

3 – Immigration – Please, get it through your ridiculously swollen Senatorial and Congressional heads that IMMIGRATION is at the root of America’s problems in regard to terrorism!  Lack of border control, our apparent inability to keep track of NON-AMERICANS who enter our country and political correctness in REMOVING these people will eventually come back to bite us in our collective asses!  I do not believe for one second that the Federal Government and DHS cannot keep up with foreign students or immigrant workers and their comings and goings across our borders!  That’s a load of crap!  They simply choose not to.

don't tax me bro4 – Sales Tax for Internet Business

This little morsel for the state and federal coffers will slide right in while everyone no one is watching.  They say that internet businesses that do not collect sales tax are in unfair competition with traditional “brick and mortar” businesses.  If you plan to force internet businesses to collect and pay taxes to each state and locality while your traditional businesses only have to collect and pay their single state and locality taxes, this would be completely UNTRUE!  Call me an idiot, but your small business that sells on the internet could never afford the infrastructure to administer the tax accounting, collection and payment burden.  They will simply go out of business, thus exacerbating our economic problems, increasing unemployment and killing the American dream for thousands of hard working people.  Maybe that’s the whole idea…..

military prayer

5 – America’s Military and Faith

So my niece is forced to learn about the “peace loving” religion of Islam (no, Christianity is NOT discussed), but our soldiers are currently being told to hide their faith or be prosecuted by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!  The level to which this makes no sense is astounding!  Which is why I have no doubt our government will continue in this vein.

6 – Foreign Aid – OK, this just KILLS me…  With the sequester budget cuts (laughable BS at BEST), daily attempts to increase taxes, rampant fraud in all branches of government programs, we ALSO have aid to foreign countries.  Not just to countries with which we are friendly, but to countries that would like to BLOW US UP!  We dole out about 50 BILLION dollars each YEAR!  Take a look at the numbers for just a few:

  • Afghanistan                       2.5 BILLIONmoney hole
  • Pakistan                            2.3 BILLION
  • Iraq                                    2.0 BILLION
  • Egypt                                 1.5 BILLION
  • Nigeria                              600 MILLION
  • West Bank / Gaza             440 MILLION
  • Lebanon                           167 MILLION
  • Ukraine                               04 MILLION
  • Russia                                52 MILLION     (Uh????)
  • Saudi Arabia                      10 THOUSAND    (WHAT??)

I honestly believe that 50 BILLION dollars would be MUCH better spent by sending each American a check for $160 and tell them to go out for dinner or a few drinks or pay a bill or two.  It would definitely garner the Federal Government more respect that it does from these ingrates.


7 – Obamacare is LAW????

42% of people polled this week by The Kaiser Family Foundation did NOT know this….  Why am I not surprised?  That must have be the 42% of idiotic Americans that forgot to V O T E!!!!  You non-voting bastards get everything you deserve…..

The biggest problem is that there is SO MUCH more than just this going on today in our country.  It’s the Federal Government’s biggest and best domestic weapon:  The American WMD…Weapon of Mass Distraction!  Keep as many balls going in the air as possible, ‘cause we can’t watch them all!

I have to wash my hands now….just typing about the Federal Government makes me feel dirty…



It’s funny to look back in time and determine where people stood on issues 20, 50 or 200 years ago and then compare the modern day stances on the same issues.  Societal changes, shifting demographics and changes in technology and the ramifications of these changes rippling through society as a whole, sometimes leave me surprised and confused.

Let’s talk about the latest battleground forming in our nation today; The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Until just a few short years ago, guns in society were rarely considered.  It was just assumed that most people had guns and knew how to use them.  I grew up with guns in our home.  It was no big deal.  My father taught my brother and me how to properly use a gun, care for it, and ABOVE ALL, respect it.  I personally took a 12 gauge shotgun to school for use in a school play and actually shot it (with the metal shot removed from the shells of course) during the play!  Guess what?  No one was surprised and no one even checked my shells to verify they were empty.  In that era, even adults placed faith in 17 year olds that they were being responsible with weapons.

Until 40 or 50 years ago, guns were a primary means in putting food on tables in a majority of homes in America.  Guns were tools that were used responsibly, for the most part.  Once again, they were no big deal.

Now, it seems, guns ARE a big deal.  Why?  Because some crackpot idiot decided to STEAL guns and massacre 20 children and 8 adults in the most recent act of craziness.  It’s not JUST Newtown, CT.  Its Columbine, Jonesboro, Aurora, etc., as well as Tyrifjorden Buskerud, Norway, Baku, Azerbaijan and Dunblane, Scotland.  If you think crazy is limited to America, then you are nuts as well.

You might think that this is the reason that gun control is all you hear about on the news these days.  Well, it’s not.  I have news for you.  These “crazies” would have killed people with a knife, ball bat or a damn rock if that is what they could get their hand on.  The reason that our Federal Government is so up in arms over guns is simple….control…

I hear people say that we need to ban “military STYLE assault rifles”. Why?  Because they LOOK like an automatic weapon.  Guess what?  They are NOT automatic weapons.  Honestly, you can do as much damage with your Dad’s 30.06 deer rifle as you can with a Bushmaster XM 15 rifle.  It might take you an extra 3-4 seconds to change out the clips since they hold only 5 rounds, but I can carry 20 to 30 full clips with no problem whatsoever.  All this talk about limiting clips to 10 rounds or less is no more than political scare tactics.

It’s about time that our elected officials start talking about the REAL meaning of the 2nd Amendment and quit all the beating around the bush.  They act like stating a fact is treason.  The simple truth is that the 2nd Amendment authorizes We The People to protect ourselves and our country from a tyrannical government…end of story.  It does not mention or even allude to hunting or self-defense from other citizens.  You see, our Founding Fathers were not worried about hunting….that was a daily chore.  They were not worried about self-defense from other citizens…they all had guns and most of them were responsible and trustworthy citizens.  Our Founding Fathers were fighting a war of independence from a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT!  The BRITISH!  GET IT PEOPLE??????  These men, in their infinite wisdom, saw fit to delineate a physical object (the ONLY physical object listed in our Bill of Rights) as the ONE tangible object REQUIRED to overthrow a tyrannical government!  ARMS……

Now, if you consider the 2nd Amendment in this light, what makes you think that our Founding Fathers would even consider allowing the People to be armed with weapons that do military style weapon cartoonnot even come close to matching the weaponry that the government possesses?  They would not.  That would be like saying, “Well, the British have flintlock rifles, so we need to fight our battles against them with the bow and arrow”!  Now, exactly how much sense does that make?  None whatsoever!  That would be a totally stupid statement to make, and even an idiot should realize it.

Our Federal Government has NO right under the Constitution to limit the people’s access to weapons and has even less of a mandate to know WHO possess these arms!

It is impossible to overthrow a tyrannical government with sub-standard weapons.  It is also foolish of the People to inform the same government as to who owns weapons that could be used in overthrowing it.

Does this now make sense to everyone?

Alas, probably not…  I understand that Progressives will, for some reason, disagree with even the simplest of arguments.  Just as they cannot usually see that lower tax rates generate MORE taxes in the long run, they will refuse to see that our Founders foresaw that, at some point, the People MAY have to resort to putting its own Federal government back in line.

If, for any reason, you don’t believe the obvious, PLEASE consult an expert.  I can tell you who the experts are that can give you first-hand information regarding banning guns and documented gun ownership…

Gun Control 1

Ask a Russian…ask a Chinese…ask a North Korean…maybe a German!

In the grand scheme, it should not be a question of WHAT kind of arms I can own.  The answer should be anything I can afford.

I’m finished now….  I have to get back to work to make the next payment on my Tomahawk Missile.

Chatter Now Decoded.



I have not written my column in quite a while.  I can give you tons of reasons, multitudes of excuses, but the truth is that I have felt that there is very little that I can do to open the eyes of the American public to what is happening to our country.  Our political correctness, our liberal approach to raising children, and our laissez-faire attitude towards the moral necessity of the family unit have created an environment which we, ironically, often find unacceptable.  Such is the case of the mass murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Weeping_AngelWhile there are those who are demanding immediate changes in order to “prevent” future mass murders, their solutions of gun bans and mental instability labeling only deride our individual freedoms and do nothing to address the actual problem which is that we have little to no accountability for our own behaviors in our current society.  For several generations now, we have abdicated our responsibility of raising our children to government institutions (schools, therapists, law enforcement).  No longer do we seek the counsel of our priests, clergymen, or family elders.  No longer do we allow our children to pay the consequences of their behavior.  No longer do we teach personal responsibility.  How many times have we seen the “good intentions” of giving every child an award for participation rather than teaching them how to lose?  How many times do we hear the excuse of blaming others or environment for the actions of one?  Contrarily, how few times have we heard the explanation of “life is not fair” or “everyone cannot be a star” or a reprimand of “you knew better”?

Granted my statements are for our society in general and do not apply to each and every family’s situation, but the statistics are overwhelming that show a lack of personal accountability.

Over the next months we will continue to hear varying speculation as to why a 20 year old man killed 27 people in Connecticut.  While there may be merit with many of the possible explanations for this horror; mental instability, medications or lack thereof, unsupervised access to firearms, a family unwilling to acknowledge the mental state of their child, etc., to act on one of these reasons exclusively and ignore the others will do little to affect this type of violence.  It’s the sad, unspoken truth…and that is Why It Matters.


How Insulting!

Posted: July 20, 2012 by April Watkins in Business and Industry, Obama, Politics
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Obama’s arrogance never ceases to amaze me.  However, I am truly shocked at his comments and belief that business owners didn’t build their businesses!  Oh, how I wish my Scots-Irish grandparents were alive to describe to him how they ALONE built their businesses.  To tell about the years that they toiled with two shovels they used to physically dig gravel out of creeks beds into an old used Army truck and drive over dirt roads (not paved city roads) to deliver the load to a client.  My family has never taken nor asked for anything from any government including loans, grants, etc. Rather, we have been harassed at every turn by some government regulatory agency.

My family’s business is in the aggregate and mining industry.  Anyone working in that industry can tell you that constant compliance to unrealistic, meaningless and contradicting regulations (and I’m not referring to true and helpful regulations like wearing safety hats or having properly grounded electrical components) plus a continual barrage of exorbitant fines for inane “citations” (such as being fined $5,000 for not having new paint on an old, never used ladder built onto a wall of an 60+ year old storage building) create a situation that KILLS new jobs.

It’s the same for all industries – over regulation kills jobs. Ask Donald Trump.  Below is a chart showing the enormous rise in federal  regulations compiled by the US Chamber of Commerce.

It would appear that Mr. Obama needs to refresh his history lessons.  Hard work and tenacity built an American infrastructure before there was any US Government. Roads, mills, shops, even militia, were paid for by either wealthy individuals or folks with determination and strength.  The people created businesses based on supply and demand, not the government.  Anything that our government has done was funded completely by our tax dollars.  The government, supposedly, has no revenue streams except through our taxes.  Although one wonders what income sources the government does have that it doesn’t discuss publicly; like interest rates on loans to other countries, sales of military and technology materials, IRS foreclosures, and let’s not forget eminent domain.  Nevertheless, government cannot function without OUR tax dollars which are generated by the businesses the folks have created. 

To this day, Obama continues to tell us his modus operandi which is to “fundamentally change the United States of America,” a phrase he used over and over during his 2008 campaign.  He meant every word.  He and his cabal are bypassing Congress with Presidential Executive Orders to force changes to every aspect of American life and American diplomacy.  Just go look at the White House web site and read his orders.

Before you cast a vote this November, remember this:  Obama and his Ivy League alumni think the  American people are stupid; especially those of us in the “fly-over” area of America – you know, us gun toting, Bible beating, God fearing, small business owners.

Maybe he is right?  Today’s youth can’t even tell you correct answers about American History.  Ever watched Leno?  Maybe Americans have been so coddled that we cannot conceive of life in any other form or fashion? Those military men and women who fought overseas to stop the rise of communism and totalitarian governments, along with the millions of refugees from WWII are now all but gone. We have no collective knowledge of true sacrifice.

My question to you, my fellow Americans, is this…When are we going to pay attention to what is happening to our country?  Our rights, freedoms, liberties?  When are WE going to stand up and take back our country?

Are you willing to fight for your freedom as our forefathers did?  Are you willing to sacrifice now in order to gain more later?  Or will you simply ignore politics and the news and continue on to your ballgames, your social functions, your church activities, your job (if you have one).

If we sit and do nothing, we shall get exactly what we deserve.  And that is…Why It Matters.
For an entertaining look at this situation check out RUMBEAR CHRONICLES.

I am as concerned as anyone about airport security.  Possibly more so, as my husband flies on a regular basis. However, the TSA’s methods of culling out the terrorists have gone to the extremes.  Rather than profile (because God forbid we should offend anyone, especially Muslims), they have decided to humiliate the flying public with body scans that reveal all and pat downs that have been reported to be rather, let’s say “touchy.” To quote the man in the San Diego airport (which may be the statement of the year), “Don’t touch my junk!”

This author is not unrealistic about the growth of home-grown terrorists; yes, I know that Johnny blue-eyes and blonde hair could just as easily have converted to Islam in order to focus his rage on society.  But if these new measures are to stay in place, then EVERYONE should have to go through the same ordeal…that includes MUSLIMS with BURKAS, HIJABS, NIQABS, KHIMARS, AND AL-AMIRAS and foreigners in native dress and idiots that decide to overdress for a flight.  This is one of those cases where an exemption to “opt out due to religious beliefs” is ludicrous!  It is precisely the “extreme religious beliefs” that we are scanning for, isn’t it?  The Baptists didn’t blow up the trade towers, nor did the Catholics, or Buddhists! 

OK, call me cranky.  But, this is ridiculous!

I usually do not repost another media’s article in full – however, this report is so stunning I felt the need for my readers to see it and pass along to friends and family.  The article is from World Net Daily, one of the very few open and free media sources remaining in America.  If you do not follow WND, I urge you to go to their site and click through some of the in-depth articles.  They are known for their extensive research.  For now, please read this…

Eye-popping power grab: Licensing of U.S. colleges

Federal scheme poses ‘greatest threat to academic freedom in our lifetime’

Posted: October 03, 2010
10:19 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

President Obama’s Department of Education, where Secretary Arne Duncan appointed a longtime homosexual activist who was part of the sometimes-violent Act Up organization to head his “safe schools” office, now is proposing to force colleges and universities to submit to a political agenda, according to critics. (more…)

With a narrow margin of only five votes, the United States House of Representatives has passed the health care reform bill with the final tally of 220-215.  No Republicans voted for the bill; and several Democrats voted against the bill. 

Tonight, our nation has crossed the Rubicon on its way toward Socialism. 

The take-over of the health care system – representing a 6th of our entire economy – was the key step in shackling our people.  These Socialists/Marxists that are controlling our government are now in position to dictate who lives and who dies.  They have placed the chains of dependent enslavement on our people under the disguise of “doing good.” 

Speaker Pelosi said tonight that, “…access to health care is a right, not a privilege…”  What grandiose words to use while speaking lies.  For the uneducated, undereducated, or simply uninformed in our population, this is a sound bite that is acceptable to our naïve ears.  It sounds great, kind, honorable – yet it is a bald face lie…and those at the helm know it. 

Rep. Hoyer stated that this legislation is the actualization of “what Presidents over 100 years have tried to do.”  He’s right.  It has been 100 years since Woodrow Wilson set the groundwork for the gradual transformation of our form of government from a Republic to Socialist dictatorship. 

The American people have roared against this bill, yet were ignored by our elected officials.  It is time, my fellow patriots, to roar with force.



For a full history of Progressivism – history that we were never taught in public school – check out  American Progressivism , by Ronald J. Pestritto.  Pestritto exposes the Progressives, Communists and Socialists that have been behind the scenes in our government and how their acts with the appearance of “good intention” have paved the way toward a one world government.